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I'm Steffy, and I live in my favorite place on earth, Long Beach NY with my two loves & our dachshund. In this space we share our adventures around NY, cozy days at home and tons of outfits! Grab a cup of coffee and lets get to know each other!


Wednesday, July 30, 2014

hello august, goodbye miami.

crop top, striped skirt, keds, popcorn bag
crop top, striped skirt, keds, popcorn bag
red keds, miami fashion blog, steffy kuncmancrop top, striped skirt, keds, popcorn bag
dachshund, weenie dog, hot dog
crop top, striped skirt, keds, popcorn bag

today we kissed one last time in an empty echoing apartment and we bid adieu to our south beach home.

then we said "seeya later" to claude, who we will be picking up in two months.

overall, a day filled with lots of stress, sweat, driving, packing, bubble wrapping and goodbyes, and tomorrow morning we are on the road! goodbye guys, see you next time from NY! 

top: vintage
skirt: boutique onze
shoes: Keds
glasses: ZeroUV

Monday, July 28, 2014

the big apple.

steffy kuncman, forever 21 new york shirt, mint green
tresemme short updo
forever 21 new york shirt, mint green skirt, steffy kuncman, miami fashion blognew york sweater, forever 21, mint green, steffy kuncmanmint green skirt, new york sweater, miami fashion blogger
miami fashion blogger, forever 21, mint green

2 more sleeps in our apartment, 9 more meals, 6 more hard boiled egg breakfasts, possibly 1 more run, and 2 more dinners left in this city we've called home for four years. we're powering through packing, while trying to get in our last goodbyes. 

pastels and mustard yellow have been my main go-to colors, but that's typical. the team at TRESemme did my hair for swim week, and i've been replicating it to beat the heat! pinning short hair up like this with a beehive is such a stylish way to wear short hair that i never thought of. any other short hair-do's you wear, send me links in the comments! i'm trying to get creative!

sweater: Forever21
boots: vintage
bag: vintage
skirt: Forever21

Friday, July 25, 2014

sunflower overalls; the kid in me!

sunflower overalls, vintage boots, kipling bag, miami fashion blogj.crew blouse, sunflower overalls, vintage black boots
sunflower overalls, j.crew blouse
kipling bag
steffy kuncman vintage fashion blogger
kipling back to school
kipling catalogue
Just being a kid again, wearing overalls again, and of course carrying a Kipling bag. Today is my last day of work before we move (in JUST 5 DAYS!).

I almost feel like my life is hitting the refresh button. do you remember that feeling after the summer months in school when you could show up on the 1st day being whoever you wanted to be? there was a certain mystery about "what people did all summer" or who they became with 3 months off. I was excited to attend the #Back2Kipling event and pick out this cute handbag from the adorable new collection, just perfect for my new adventures! It's lightweight, which works great for carrying my camera! I also got to meet the cutie on the catalog, Megan Nicole, who performed.

I am so ready to re-invent my life; to show up on day 1 being the me I want to be! Xo

overalls: choies
bag: Kipling
top: J.Crew
hat: vintage
boots: vintage

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

pineapples and sunny days!

forever 21 polka dot top, mustard yellow skirt, asos pineapple bag, miami fashion bloggermiami beach hotel, soho beach house
pineapple bag, vintage yellow skirttori burch preview, fruit pastries, ginger harris, steffy kuncman, meredith lambert
With Gloria from, Ginger Harris from Electric Blogarella and Meredith Lambert from Merevin.
forever 21 polka dot blouse, pineapple bag, vintage yellow skirt, miami fashion bloggertory burch, pineapple swimsuit
asos preview, soho beach house, miami swim week
miami beach, miami swim week, pineapple bag, forever 21 polka dot top

After four years of blogging, I can finally announce that I'm a .COM! Welcome to! The timing felt right, and it was one of the easiest processes to accomplish. 

Lately I have been really into pineapple prints! Maybe it's because Florida is so very sunny, or maybe because they are my favorite color-- yellow. I was ecstatic when I found this bag to wear during swim week, and I was even more excited when the swimsuits at the Tory Burch preview matched me! I know which swimsuit I'm looking out for next year ;) I also attended the ASOS party, and just about lost it over everything --- but that is normal with me + ASOS. I met one of their buyers at the event, and proceeded to tell her how she has the best taste in the universe. 

My time in Miami is coming to an end... only 7 days left here, and I know I will cherish these sunny pictures when I miss this place. 

Top: Forever21
hat: ASOS
bag: ASOS
skirt: vintage/ Fancytreehouse
shoes: Ana Monsalve

Monday, July 21, 2014

Collins Avenue & Wildfox ♥

steffy kuncman miami swim week
steffy kuncman miami swim week
steffy kuncman miami swim week
steffy kuncman miami swim week
wildfox miami swim week
wildfox miami swim week
wildfox miami swim week
steffy kuncman collins avenue
miami swim week is over (for me) and also, my voice is gone. that usually happens though! i'm fully run down from all of the sun and non-stop go go go, but today i am working from home and trying to get ready for the move simultaneously.

these are from my 1st day at swim week on friday night. i escorted my cute husband as my date, and we made some magical memories with my favorite miami people. the sunset from the top of the Raleigh was unreal, and there was even a rainbow after it poured! the Wildfox show-- which is always my favorite show-- was nothing short of amazing. it was fun, light hearted and filled with pastels, florals and flirty sayings! my favorite looks are above. i will be back with tons more photos. xo

tee: F21
shorts: chicwish
bag: ASOS
hat: ASOS
boots: ASOS

Friday, July 18, 2014

a farewell to our miami home.

steffy kuncman vintage fashion blog
steffy kuncman vintage fashion blog
steffy kuncman vintage fashion blog
steffy kuncman vintage fashion blogsteffy kuncman vintage fashion blog

we moved into our south beach apartment in october of 2012. i had just been promoted to full-time visual merchandiser at j.crew, matt was not even freelancing yet and we found it from a lucky craigslist search. we knew it was "the one" right when we walked into the courtyard. i always take a long hard look at empty apartments before i move all of my things in, and try to picture everything the future has in store within the walls of not-quite-home-yet. this one brought us so many beautiful memories. 

we raised little claudie in this home, i can remember her as a 2lb puppy walking around. matt proposed to me in the apartment, right near where my chair collection sits. we've had way too many fun potluck dinners and parties (and have probably pissed off one-too-many neighbors.) i've pranced around with good news, cried many a nights curled in a ball in my closet, popped champagne, cooked homemade meals, repurposed handfuls of vintage dresses, completed wedding DIY's. it will be bittersweet to say goodbye. here's some lovely moments captured. 

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

but you can't have a rainbow without a little rain.

steffy kuncman vintage fashion blog
steffy kuncman vintage fashion blog
cat purse
steffy kuncman vintage fashion blog

boiled eggs have become my new favorite food. easy, healthy and so filling!

also, i am getting excited for swim week. miami has been sweltering, but even in the midst of the heat i am still pale. hopefully this weekend i will work on my summertime tan. and i will make sure that i'm leaving miami with a BANG. only 1 more weekend after this! xo

top: Romwe (old)
skirt: Young Hungry Free
bag: Romwe (old)
bag/hat: vintage

Monday, July 14, 2014

my 27th birthday.

steffy kuncman vintage fashion blogsteffy kuncman vintage fashion blogbrunch bagels
brunch sunflowers
steffy kuncman vintage fashion blog
steffy kuncman vintage fashion blog
steffy kuncman vintage fashion blog
as i get older my birthdays tend to make me more and more nostalgic. hopefully i'll eventually get over it, but yesterday i embraced it all and visited my favorite place to be during highschool-- sitting underneath the pavilion at my favorite beach in my hometown. it rained in the morning during our brunch, and then like clockwork the sun came out just in time for me to swim in the lukewarm salty beautiful ocean and soak in some sunshine.

it's crazy to think i am in my "late twenties" but age is really just a state of mind, and i actually don't feel a day older than i did sitting on the same beach 11 years ago. for fun, here's an old photo of me back in the day. :) yes, i used to knit at the beach.

tee: matt's birthday gift to me!
skirt: F21
hat/shoes/bag/sunnies: vintage

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