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Monday, February 27, 2017

Sweet Moments From our 3rd Wedding Anniversary in NYC + A Video!

Three years just flew by, huh?! It feels like just yesterday when I was blogging about planning our wedding on here. We celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary parading around NYC with Hudson crashing our party, sharing some coffees, tacos & Werther's along the way, soaking in all of the sweet moments that days off together as the three of us have to offer. We walked along the highline (it sure is beautiful when it's covered in snow), wandered around the West Village and grabbed coffees at La Colombe in Chelsea.

Some favorite moments from the day that I want to hold close and hang on to until year four include:

 ♥ Watching Matt feed Hudson on the LIRR as Hudson looked out the window with big eyes, sparkling at the world whizzing by.

 ♥ Filming this little video together as a team, and laughingly bickering about how grumpy Matt looks being on camera (lol!! convince him how cute he looks, guys!)

♥ Splitting tacos and drinks while Hudson napped peacefully + guilt-free dessert, Werther's caramel goodness that's totally sugar-free!

It's the small moments that stand out, of course. To encourage everyone to hold onto these little sweet moments, Werther's Original Sugar Free is hosting a Real Moments of Sweetness challenge, with weekly prize packs. There's also an awesome grand prize - a getaway for two with Pack Up + Goa travel service that plans a three-day vacation in the U.S. customized based on the winner’s location, personality, interests and favorite activities, but keeps the destination a surprise! Plus, the grand prize winner will get a year's supply of Werther's Original Sugar Free! To enter, simply post your own sweet moments to Instagram and use the hashtags #WerthersMoments and #SugarFree!

For more information about the Real Moments of Sweetness challenge and giveaways, visit!

P.S. We made a YOUTUBE!! Make sure to subscribe here for tons more fun videos!

Thanks to Werther's for partnering on this post!
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Friday, February 24, 2017

Do "Magic Pocket" Jeans Work? + New Hudson Pics!

So Madewell has these new-ish jeans they came out with, the 10" high-rise skinny, which they claim have "magic pockets." Basically, the front of the jean has an extra layer of fabric so you don't get that pooch look after a big meal. The question is does it work, and I am happy to say that it does! The only issue I'll call out is the difference in denim between the pair I have on here, the hank wash, and the darker version, the hayes wash. The lighter pair has MUCH thinner and stretchier denim, which you may like more, but I prefer the darker and thicker denim. I own both pairs because the 10 inch is my favorite, but find myself reaching for the dark denim more often!

Why am I going on and on about this?

Because I've tried literally every pair of high waisted denim at every retailer on the market right now. After pregnancy, I was SO excited to wear high-waisted denim again, and I admittedly went a bit wild with it. I'm tall, and most of the time high waisted denim is not high enough on me in the front, but this pair is perfection. I linked both denim pairs below!

Also, how cute is my boy these days?! He is holding his head up SO well now, which makes it so much easier to carry him!

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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

3 of My Favorite Glasses Frames

I am always asked about where my glasses come from, and the answer is all over, I LOVE glasses and am actually thankful that my vision is not 20/20 so I can indulge! I will be sharing some glasses retailers that are my favorite to shop at, and wanted to start with Bonlook! Here's 3 of my favorite frames from their site - I love that they collaborate with bloggers, and usually these blogger collections are my favorite to wear! 

These frames are all from JagLever's collection with Bonlook, which is truly a piece of my own heart. All of the frames are quirky enough, but still totally wearable, and the fall/winter vibes are strong. 

These frames have such a darling plaid detail on top!

These are my go-to shape for eyeglasses - thick and round! I also love the plaid detailing on them to add a little bit of something extra. 

Hope these inspire you to try some new fun glasses shapes! I have tons more to share soon! 

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Monday, February 20, 2017

Denim + Suede

Sezane does it again! I am wearing them head-to-toe, minus the vintage boots that are the perfect shade of brown! I realized I haven't been sharing as many outfit posts over here, please let me know if you miss seeing them and would want to see more!

I cannot wait to wear this suede coat regularly once it's a bit warmer out. The dress is sold out in denim, but I linked it below in other colors!

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Thursday, February 16, 2017

How I Lost The Baby Weight + My Pregnancy Workout Routine (tons of before + after pics!)

So I guess I'm about to be one of THOSE people who shares their weight loss journey. But after getting lots of questions, and also lots of people who think that my pregnancy weight just magically disappeared, I decided to share my story to inspire those of you preggo ladies out there! To be honest, my pregnancy weight DID just fall off, but it isn't because of "genetics" or because I am "lucky" it's because I worked really freaking hard! My "weight loss journey" began from the day I became pregnant!! Here's what I did during pregnancy and postpartum:

*The nutrition aspect of this post is not super detailed because I ate totally differently week-to-week! Sorry I didn't record my meals in more detail, but some days I was ravenous, and others not super hungry so it just varied a lot. 

1st Trimester Workouts:

This photo was taken at 16 weeks, which in my opinion is the worst stage of pregnancy! You feel super bloated and chunky, without any signs of a cute bump. During the first trimester, I didn't alter my workouts at all! I did some form of cardio 5 days a week for 30 minutes, and my weeks usually looked something like this:

Monday: 30 minute run + arm workout either using free weights (up to 10 lbs) or using the machines at the gym

Tuesday: 30 minute run + leg workout (squats or workouts on the mat)

Wednesday: 30 minute elliptical

Thursday: 30 minute run + arm workout either using free weights (up to 10 lbs) or using the machines at the gym

Friday: 30 minute run + leg workout (squats or workouts on the mat)

Weekends off, sometimes I would add a 6th day if I was feeling exhausted, because the cardio always made me feel energized!

During my entire first trimester I ate AWFUL. Mostly mexican food, bagels, tons of carbs. If I ever did pregnancy again, I would definitely not do this (but then again, you do what you do to get by). Regardless of exercising, I gained the most weight early on from poor eating.

2nd Trimester Workouts:
During my 2nd trimester I continued to workout 5 days a week! I toned down the running when it began to make my pelvic floor sore, and I stopped any floor exercises that required me to lay flat on my back. I also made sure any weights I lifted were under 10lbs, and that I didn't strain myself. 

Monday: 30 minute elliptical + arm workout either using free weights (up to 10 lbs) or using the machines at the gym

Tuesday: 15 minute run + 15 minute elliptical + leg workout (squats or workouts on the mat)

Wednesday: 30 minute elliptical

Thursday: 15 minute run + 15 minute elliptical + arm workout either using free weights (up to 10 lbs) or using the machines at the gym

Friday: 30 minute elliptical + leg workout (squats or workouts on the mat)

Weekends off!

During my second trimester, I really watched the scale & what I ate after having such a bad first trimester eating wise! I think I actually toned up my arms and legs while pregnant during this trimester, even though my belly continued to grow, just by eating well! I generally had 2 eggs for breakfast, yogurt for lunch, some healthy snacks in between lunch and dinner such as almonds or oranges and then a small dinner because of heartburn. 

3rd Trimester Workouts:

These were snapped at 8.5 months pregnant, and still in the gym every day! You can do it ladies!! I kid you not, I worked out until the week I gave birth. Yes, some days my lungs didn't properly breath and I cramped up and quit after 10 minutes, but I made sure to get my booty to the gym and do something almost every day. Here's the routine I loosely followed toward the end of pregnancy. I completely stopped running in this trimester. 

Monday: 15 minute elliptical + 15 minutes walking uphill at an incline of 11.5 at 3.3 mph + arm workouts with 5 lbs weights.

Tuesday: 15 minute elliptical + 15 minutes walking uphill at an incline of 11.5 at 3.3 mph

Wednesday: 30 minute elliptical

Thursday: 15 minute elliptical + 15 minutes walking uphill at an incline of 11.5 at 3.3 mph + arm workouts with 5 lbs weights.

Friday: 30 minute elliptical

Weekends off!

During my third trimester I was so uncomfortable and my heartburn was so bad that I didn't have too much of an appetite. I did cheat and eat a lot of sweets in the last month or so, but in general I ate a heavy breakfast (oatmeal and eggs) and lunch (usually a muffin from the local coffee shop) and skipped dinner, so that I would sleep better at night.

Postpartum Weight Loss/Excercise:

Sharing these isn't necessarily glamorous, but I wanted to share them to show you guys who are pregnant that you will slowly turn back into yourself again! I was really discouraged when I came home from the hospital and realized I only lost 12 lbs - and my baby was 9! But, 2 weeks later I was only 1lb up from my pre-pregnancy weight. Yup, I ended up losing 5 lbs after the entire ordeal. What did I do? Here's more deets:

Weeks 1-6 PP: All I did was breastfeed! I ate mostly whatever I wanted in moderation, and I nursed the days away.

Weeks 6+: Right when I got the okay, I started working out again! I began slow, by running 12 minute miles and spending most days on the elliptical. I stopped running as much as I did pre-pregnancy, because A. it makes me sore still in my pelvis and B. I realized that the elliptical allows me to workout for longer and more often! Now my weekly workouts look like this

Monday: 30 minutes on the elliptical
Tuesday: Fitness Blender arm workout at home
Wednesday: 30 minute run
Thursday: Fitness Blender leg workout
Friday: 30 minutes on the elliptical. 

I have so much more to say on this topic, and I feel super passionate about it, so please ask any other questions you may have and I can always share more! 

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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

3 Year Anniversary

So it's really been three years since our wedding! As cheesy as it sounds, last week on 'This Is Us' they mentioned the little things that may go unnoticed that make a marriage continue to be happy and loving, and it struck a chord. The success isn't in the grand gestures so much as in those small little things that make life run smoother, that make me feel like I have a partner who is there to back me up. Here's a few of my favorite things that matt does (maybe he thinks I don't realize, but i do!)

- Every morning, he makes pour over coffee and leaves me a cup. Usually it's cold by the time I get to it, but it's always there waiting for me.

- When we're out and about, he always takes care of putting the baby into the carseat, and putting the stroller in the trunk. It just makes me feel taken care of,

- He takes care of our taxes!! Which I am SO bad at, so it's great to know someone who knows what they're doing is there to help. 

- He literally makes this blog work, because he is always willing to take pictures, and as the years go on we've learned how to be a better team as business partners. 

- He waits to watch John Oliver with me. 

- When we travel, he always makes sure that we have the most important things that I always forget - toothbrushes, phone chargers and deodorant!

- He researches things to do on trips. I'm one of those people who will show up in a place with nothing to do and nowhere to go, but because of Matt, we always have a plan and know the coolest things to see and do!

So basically, he holds it together for us. He's the family glue! and we're so so lucky to have him! 

(Here's my post on 2 years of marriage)

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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

NYC Staycation

Even though I opt to skip NYFW (because let's be honest, you'd rather see professional photos of the shows on than on here) I do enjoy mingling at some events and staying overnight in the city! We stayed at the W Hotel Downtown, and I am not going to lie, I did NOT want to leave. It made me deeply consider getting rid of most of my possessions to move into a studio apartment with a view, but then Matt reminded me about the amount of shoes I own, and the fact that we do love Long Beach NY. BUT staycations are underrated, and I now realize how incredible it is to stay in the city, even if just for a weekend here and there!

We popped into a breakfast at the Bloglovin' offices, and stopped by United By Blue in Nolita, which is definitely worth a visit if you're in the city.

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